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"We confidently recommend RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. They state: “RVN delivers professional services and their staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”
Marcell O’Connell, Chief Financial Officer
Brand Et Al (Pty) Ltd
“RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. are one of those rare companies who forge a seamless partnership with their clients, rather than merely supplying services at a fee,” according to Brand Et Al (Pty) Ltd. “RVN’s professional and highly-qualified team ensures that the “empowerment” appellation in their name speaks to so much more than Black Economic Empowerment – through their dedication and insight, they empower each and every client, and play a pivotal role in ensuring that you will derive the maximum benefit from every BEE initiative undertaken.”
Marcelle White, CFO & Group Director responsible for Human Resources

Phatshoane Henney Attorneys
Phatshoane Henney Attorneys have, over the years, found the standard of service and level of professionalism of RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. to be excellent. They state that: “RVN has always been willing to go the extra mile for our clients and been extremely helpful under many different and sometimes difficult circumstances.”
FC Liebenberg, Director Commercial
SBV has worked with RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. and believe that their in-depth understanding of the B-BBEE landscape allows them to align their knowledge and skill with specific business requirements and outputs. SBV are impressed with RVN’s willingness to provide additional support and management of verification processes. “SBV have had many successful verification audits under the watch of RVN.”
Ravina Reddy, Executive HR & Corporate Communications
Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd
Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd has nothing but praise for the professionalism of RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. Tracker Connect states that RVN welcomes challenges posed by clients and considers each within the spirit and letter of the codes. “We are in awe of RVN’s efficiency, their critical thinking and, most of all, with their spirit of wanting to truly understand all initiatives claimed as contributions.”
Tulani Hlabangana, Human Resource Executive

Acredo Consulting
Acredo Consulting has worked with RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. over the past four years and state that RVN has delivered nothing short of exemplary service. Acredo Consulting “highly recommends the amazing RVN team for all BEE needs”.
Simone Coetzee, Director Acredo Group

Mantis Networks (Pty) Ltd
Mantis Networks (Pty) Ltd has had only positive experiences with RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. They state: "We are delighted to be working with RVN, who we’ve found to be extremely professional, always meeting and exceeding their own high standards and care for their customers and stakeholders."
Alasdair Yuill, Managing Director
Hitachi has found the services of RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. to be invaluable, ensuring the company remains competitive throughout its innovative strategic planning initiatives. They write that they are “completely satisfied with RVN’s service, professionalism and prompt response to any questions or queries that they’ve had.” Hitachi states that they would highly recommend RVN’s services to any organisation that seeks assistance on transformation and making a difference to society.
Alicia Pillay, Head of Human Capital
Megchem state that the customer service of RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. was outstanding during their recent BEE verification audit. They believe RVN’s well-structured audit methodology, along with the excellent subject knowledge of the team and their patience to assist where needed, saved valuable productive time and improved efficiency.
Engela Meyer, Manager - Services Management

"Mobax South Africa have been using RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. since 2012 and write to express their satisfaction with the company’s performance, quality of service, responsiveness and professional conduct. They recommend RVN to others because of their abiding satisfaction with RVN’s services. "
Preylene Godfrey, Director
RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. has delivered B-BBEE verification services to many Signa Group subsidiaries including Signa Advisors, Signa Academy, Ukuqala Future Academy, Green Berets and Artisans in Motion. They wish to testify to the efficiency, expert knowledge and professionalism executed by every member of the RVN team. They state: “RVN contributes expert opinions on various B-BBEE matters to a variety of industries. Their personalised services take the best interest of every client to heart. We confidently recommend RVN’s service to any business.”
Janine Kotze, Director
Snyman de Jager
Snyman de Jager express their heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding service they received from RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. during the B-BBEE verification process. They appreciated that RVN was extremely accommodating throughout the process, while strictly adhering to the requirements of the relevant acts and regulations. “The RVN team was patient and accommodating, even when we were not able to produce all the supporting evidence in time. RVN went out of their way to ensure our certificate was issued, and we recommend their service without hesitation.”
Eddie Smit, Director

The Ubuntu Group of Companies
The Ubuntu Group of Companies have partnered with RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. for their BEE verification over the past few years. They express their praise for the “highly-qualified, professional and friendly RVN team, who provide us with year-round assistance on general queries regarding the Codes of Good Practice, both during and after office hours.” They state that the RVN team goes the extra mile to ensure the verification process runs smoothly, all necessary documentation is received and that the company attains the maximum score and/or benefit from every BEE initiative implemented. They highly recommend RVN to any company for BEE verification, citing RVN’s excellent service and competitive rates.
Shanene van Heerden, Group HR Manager
Cape Gate (Pty) Ltd
The BEE Committee at Cape Gate express their thanks and appreciation to RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd. for conducting their recent verification. “We found the service and customer orientation to be professional and courteous throughout the entire process.”
Darryl Oberstein, Procurement Manager
Spoor & Fisher
Spoor & Fisher have been utilising RVN Empowerment Services (Pty) Ltd.’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment verification services since 2014. They write to recommend RVN’s services, stating that: “RVN is professional, friendly and always available to assist with any queries. Their knowledge of the Act, as well as their practical experience, advice and training, ensure that all rules and regulations are followed for the best possible outcome.”
Ben Jansen van Vuuren, Financial Manager