The Team

Our core B-BBEE team consists of highly-qualified and professional individuals with experience in all processes relating to B-BBEE verification in the South African business landscape.

Andre Rautenbach – Co-Founder, Director and Technical Signatory

Since 1999, Andre CA(SA) led a firm of Chartered Accountants before co-founding its B-BBEE arm, RVN Empowerment Services in March 2013. His many years of auditing experience are supplemented by qualifications including an M.Com (Tax) (Cum Laude) and the B-BBEE MDP. His expertise lies in B-BBEE and strategic planning and extensive experience in cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions.

As part of the RVN Empowerment Services team, Andre is a Technical Signatory, who is responsible for the final review by evaluating the authenticity, completeness, relevance, accuracy and correctness of the evidence on file, prior to the release of the verification certificate and report.

Nanette Coetzee – Co-Founder, Director and Technical Signatory
Nanette has been working in the B-BBEE industry since 2007. She has an Honours Degree in Financial Management and a B-BBEE MDP (passed with distinction). Before co-founding RVN Empowerment Services, Nanette was the Technical Signatory for a national B-BBEE verification company and served as a technical advisor and evaluator for the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). Nanette is an experienced Verification Director, Internal Auditor and Technical Signatory who ensures the accuracy of all processes and procedures; her passion for B-BBEE is highlighted through the number of successful accounts and teams she manages.

Nanette is dedicated to achieving real transformation through B-BBEE, aligning the overall business strategy of organisations with B-BBEE compliance through a thorough understanding of the certification process. Nanette forms strong, interpersonal relationships with her clients and consistently leads projects to completion within the outlined budget and objectives.

Shohini Sukha - Head of Verification, Director and Technical Signatory
Shohini has been involved in the B-BBEE industry since 2009, with verification services being her primary focus. She has an Internal Audit degree and a B-BBEE MDP. She has become an expert on the Codes of Good Practice, as well as the various industry charters, through her experience in performing verifications and managing verifications on the technical side. Through the years Shohini has gained experience in the formulating of verification procedures and the application thereof. She values the importance of confidentiality during the verification process.

Shohini’s skills include verification calculations, compiling and verifying of supporting evidence required to allocate points on all five elements of the B-BBEE scorecard. Shohini prioritises the identification and mitigation of risks for both the client and RVN Empowerment Services during the verification process. She ensures adherence to the Codes of Good Practice as well as RVN Empowerment Services’ ethics and commitment to transformation. She strives to continually develop, deepen and improve RVN’s verification approach. She also manages verification staff members and ensures that all policies and procedures are thoroughly followed throughout the process.

Tombi Rautenbach – Co-Founder, Verification Manager, Ownership Expert, Director and Technical Signatory
Tombi has been working in the B-BBEE industry since 2003 and holds a BA (Phil) and B-BBEE MDP. Tombi’ s expertise lies in ownership transaction evaluations and complex ownership structures such as trusts, optimal BEE structuring, ROI investigations and the integration of B-BBEE strategy with strategic objectives. As part of the RVN Empowerment Services team, Tombi is the Verification Manager, who contributes her expertise in technical verification services.

Tombi is responsible for quality control and application of the Companies Act during the verification process. She oversees the teams and provides advanced B-BBEE training that incorporates specialist areas such as the fiduciary duties of trustees in broad-based ownership schemes to ensure that trustees fulfil their duties.