At RVN Empowerment Services, we believe in:

  • Aligning Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment compliance with overall business strategies, not just performing a “tick box” exercise;
  • Achieving B-BBEE goals that contribute to positive business growth;
  • Providing client-focused, customised service to our clients;
  • Enabling our clients to achieve competitive advantage, by providing effective strategies for empowerment and transformation.
We recommend a holistic and integrated approach to B-BBEE verification. We do not see B-BBEE compliance as merely satisfying administrative or legal requirements, but rather as a prerequisite to aligning B-BBEE goals with overall business strategy.

Our approach is centred around implementing the necessary systems to ensure proper reporting and timely verification. RVN’s professional team has years of experience in verification compliance, providing reliable and successful B-BBEE implementation to organisations committed to complying with current legislation. We look forward to building a professional partnership with your company and assisting in the continuous improvement of B-BBEE strategy and compliance for Measured Entities in South Africa.